Custom AI avatar

Create a lifelike AI avatar that looks and sounds just like you.


Follow these three simple steps to create your custom AI avatar.


The right setup

Use a wrinkle-free greenscreen or a solid white background with consistent lighting and no shadows. Avoid complex patterns in your clothes and do not let your hair cover your face.


Recording process

Record video footage of yourself using a smartphone or camera. Act natural and integrate authentic body movements and head poses to capture a lifelike representation for your avatar.


Receive Your Avatar

Your video footage will be processed, and your avatar delivered within 14 business days.

What is a custom avatar?

A custom avatar is a digital representation of yourself that mirrors your unique appearance, gestures, and optionally, even your voice. Whether for virtual presentations, customer service, or personalized video content, a custom avatars offer a dynamic and engaging way to connect with your audience.

Pair your avatar with a personalized AI voice

Enhance your avatar with a personalized touch: clone your voice for an authentic and engaging experience.

*Note that voice cloning is a paid add-on.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce production costs by eliminating the need for hiring actors, sets, and production crews.


AI avatars are available around the clock, enabling constant content generation without scheduling constraints.

Human Touch

AI avatars create a human touch and a more relatable and emotional connection compared to a voiceover alone.


AI avatars make it easy to produce large volumes of video content quickly, meeting the needs of diverse audiences and channels.

See a custom avatar example

If you want to see more examples ...


Explore frequently asked questions about custom avatars.

A custom avatar is a digital version of yourself resembling your unique likeness. It’s created
from your photograph or video footage. Once completed, you’ll be able to create videos with
yourself as the actor, without any tedious filming sessions.
Will my custom avatar have my voice?
It’s entirely up to you. You can choose a voice from our extensive library or clone your own
voice for a more authentic and personalized experience. Please note that voice cloning is
available as a paid add-on. Learn more about AI voices.

You can only create custom avatars with the explicit consent of the person involved. Unless you have written consent from the celebrity, it is not allowed to create an avatar of them. This applies to both living and deceased celebrities.
A custom avatar requires a minimum of 14 working days for completion after you've submitted your photo or video footage. Once ready, it will be delivered directly to your account.
Your avatar will be kept strictly within your account. Others won't have access to it for creating videos.

Looking for Ready- Made Avatars?

Check out our AI Avatar page and explore our collection of pre-defined avatars.

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