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We offer a variety of AI actors, so you can choose the one that resonates best with your audience.


Discover the advantages of using avatars over real actors.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce production costs by eliminating the need for hiring actors, sets, and production crews.


AI avatars are available around the clock, enabling constant content generation without scheduling constraints.

Human Touch

AI avatars create a human touch and a more relatable and emotional connection compared to a voiceover alone.

Explore all avatars

Explore all avatars
New avatars will be added on a regular basis.

동영상 재생
동영상 재생
동영상 재생
동영상 재생
동영상 재생
동영상 재생

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Please take a look at these Frequently Asked Questions below.

AI avatars are virtual characters that can be customized to perform and speak the text you input. They are powered by advanced AI technology that allows them to mimic human speech and expressions. You can select from various avatars, languages, and voices to suit your specific requirements, allowing you to produce professional videos without the need for live actors.
Yes, AI avatars can present a wide variety of content. However we moderate the content to ensure it aligns with ethical standards. This includes prohibiting fake news, discriminatory content, hate speech, false information, graphic or explicit material, harassment and offensive language. We want to maintain a safe, respectful, and professional environment.

Yes, however, the creation of custom avatars requires explicit consent from the individual
involved. To learn more about custom avatars, simply visit our custom avatar page for
additional information.

Yes, you can choose from our extensive library of synthetic voices to find the one that best fits
your needs. While each avatar comes with a default voice, feel free to select any voice or
accent from our collection. You can even clone your own voice and pair it with any avatar. Learn
more about AI voices here.

Our stock AI avatars are entirely computer-generated and don't represent real individuals. They're created using advanced algorithms and technology. Our avatars can be easily customized and deployed across various applications without the need for individual filming sessions.

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